SpectraPlot.com is a free, openly-available tool for scientists and engineers to simulate spectroscopic data and find the hardware they need to put spectroscopy into practice.  The software is continually being developed to incorporate additional simulation tools and databases.

Absorption and Emission Simulators

SpectraPlot utilizes the entire HITRAN 2012 and HITEMP 2010 spectroscopic databases to produce up-to-date and accurate absorbance and emission values at the user's specified thermodynamic condition.  


SpectraPlot's LineSurvey tool displays the spectroscopic parameters (line strength, air broadening, etc.) of all the lines within a user-specified range of wavelength.  LineSurvey allows for quick and easy surveys of wavelength space and intuitively displays key information found in the HITRAN and HITEMP databases.


Hardware Search (Beta)

The Wavelength Search Engine displays available lasers, detectors, and other optical hardware that works in the wavelength domain of the current simulation.  The hardware included in the catalog is specifically relevant for gas-phase spectroscopy. The search engine was built to make it easier to find the exact hardware you need for your application.  For vendors interested in including products in the search engine, please get in touch.