The Company

LuminaLabs develops laser-based sensors and technologies for measuring gas properties and gaseous species in energy, propulsion, health, and environmental applications. We also developed and maintain the cloud-based spectroscopic modeling software SpectraPlot, a collection of tools for sensor design.

Our Mission: LuminaLabs strives to solve time-sensitive problems that require non-intrusive gas detection.  Such problems may demand high time-resolution and/or rapid-response and typically can not tolerate invasive probes or instruments.  This focus leverages our key capabilities of in situ detection schemes, high-bandwidth measurement techniques, and robust field-deployable sensor design for the harshest of environments.  Example applications may range from point-of-care biosensing for emergency conditions to in-stream chemical process monitoring for rapid control feedback or system characterization.  Our aim is to provide accurate, time-resolved information.

LuminaLabs is owned and operated by 4 engineering and science PhDs that have pioneered numerous advancements in gas sensing. We specialize in absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence, high-speed imaging and gas dynamics.

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Non-invasive means to monitor health are transforming medicine.  LuminaLabs is aggressively pursuing the development of real-time, ultra-sensitive gas sensors for several molecules which can be used to rapidly diagnose and monitor a variety of diseases and conditions.


Energy conversion process control and system optimization are enabled by in-stream analysis.  We have extensive experience developing accurate, non-invasive, high-bandwidth gas sensors for energy and propulsion systems.  We have developed the scientific and engineering foundation for 10 kHz measurements in high temperature, high pressure, and high velocity flows.


Accurate, continuous monitoring of anthropogenic and natural emissions are imperative to understanding the environment and our effects on it.  Lumina is pursuing high-performance sensors for emissions detection and control at the source as well as toxic gas detection.